I’m a software engineer who’s worked at Amazon and Microsoft, among other companies. You can see the Retail Demo Experience, a carousel demo which I wrote all of the JavaScript for and shipped with Windows 10. For a while, I could walk into any Microsoft store and see my software running on every piece of hardware!

I primarily do JavaScript and front-end development, though I’ve done Node.js and a variety of other server-side languages (Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.) at different times, AWS, machine learning, and mobile app development.

I can jump in, get coding, and build things quickly and professionally. These days I advise on a number of college programs, as well as coaching people on how to break into the software industry.

I advise Seattle Central Community College and South Seattle Community College’s vocational coding programs. I also sit on the Access to Justice Technology Principles Committee for the Washington State Bar Association. I enjoy bringing my knowledge of technology, and the business side of technology, to a broad audience.